Laser wall panels for interior and exterior

We produce various decorative panels using laser technology, suitable for exterior and interior in maximum dimension of 1,5 m x 4 m.Nowdays we have a high demand for Corten sheet however we use aluminium sheet and stainless steel sheet in unlimited colorful design.The panels are very static /up to 4 metres high/ due to the welding technology so they are suitable for exterior walls and fences.

Decorative panels

Our decorative metal panels are galvanized and power painted and therefore they are suitable for interior aswell as for exterior. It´s possible to screw them according to your fantasy and create an interisting piece of art. It´s possible to install LED lightning under the panels.

2/3 Laser and forming technology

Our laser technology of Trumpf brand is designed for two and three- dimensional pieces. It achieves a high precision from small parts up to dimensions of 4.000mm x 1.500mm.We provide laser cutting of metal sheets up to 16 mm thick, stainless sheets up to 8 mm thick and aluminium sheets up to 6 mm thick.TRUMPFLASERCELL is a highly precise laser machine with a maximum flexibility in cutting, welding and surface treatment of three-dimensional parts. High quality of production is reached by precise cutting and welding parametres that this technology is designed for.

2D/3D CNC technology for wire bending

Our CNC bending machine processes a wire from 2mm to 6 mm of different materials aswell as a spring wire. These technology enable us to use the method of cold bending.Thanks to our experienced employees, who apply their knowledge already in the development process of product and keep on during the mass production, we provide a highquality process for our customers with exact outputs.Thanks to our long-term partners we can offer you advantageous conditions for decorative and functional surface treatment ( zinc, nickel, chrom etc.) aswell as a powder colour.

Interior decorations

Due to their decent design, decorations and pedestals are ideal optically divide the interior or exterior space. They are made in different sizes.

Design gabion fire pits

Design gabions serving as fire pits: you can find these original products only in our company.

These gabions are especially produce to facilite the customer to assemble them in various places. The package is color-coded.

They are designed for every garden or exterior, where fire creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Our newly patented protected design gabions needs just a quick assembly. They have flower pots integrated. You can plant some flowers or herbs and finish the decoration with stones ( according to a colour chosen by yourself).

Design gabions are high quality resistant against different weather conditions, made in EU.

Tieto nové druhy dizajnových gabiónov, ktoré slúžia ako ohniská nájdete len u nás.